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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Week 37.

The end is in sight more than ever before. I am just over 37 weeks pregnant now with my due date just two weeks and some days away. I am still working. Yesterday, I announced to my boss that I would definitely be working this week and next (unless my water breaks or something), but I was not sure if I would work the week of Thanksgiving (at which point I will be over 39 weeks pregnant, if I am still pregnant then). I am vacillating about (potentially) having a few days at home before Thanksgiving/ baby/ etc. (which is an hour and a half away form the hospital) or being at work (a mere 5 minute walk from the hospital).

No end game has been finalized. I think a lot will be decided based on how this Friday goes – provided baby did not suddenly become a giant (doubtful), and that everything else still looks good (like the amount of amniotic fluid and her BPP scores), I will be having an External Cephalic Version (ECV) performed this Friday – a procedure to turn the baby from a butt down to a head down position. I am nervous about it – they book you in labor and delivery, complete with a hospital gown and an IV, standing by ready to preform an emergency C-section in case something goes wrong. Which is freaky. But watching YouTube videos of successful quick and seemingly painless ECVs has (somewhat) put my mind at ease. So we shall see how things go and hopefully I will have an update one way or the other by the end of the week.

My BP is steady, at about 120/80 at home. Systolic always spikes at the office but diastolic is fine – Dr. H says I am “vascularly excitable” (aka anxious?). Since the diastolic BP is in a good range, my urine is always negative for protein, and I have no swelling (or any other symptoms of Pre-E), I have managed to avoid a 24 hr. urine collection still (not complaining!) I do feel a bit like a whale but really it’s not so bad. I have small discomforts such as slight nausea after eating a good-size meal (thanks baby, for all the kicks into my stomach), I think pulled a ligament at the bottom of my foot but it’s only uncomfortable when I walk barefoot, getting up off the couch/ out of the car is not super easy, and also I hate standing on my tip-toes to reach things in the kitchen because it seems that involves leg cramps. Sleep. I miss sleep. I have to pee all the time and it’s not easy getting/ staying comfortable. But really it’s not too bad. I can’t complain much. I feel lucky.

Diabetes… is fine. Sometimes I will get a transient spike to 140-150ish but at this point I just shrug, correct and move on. I am not sure if my insulin needs are still increasing but they are definitely not decreasing! Dr. H. said I must have a super placenta – I’ll take it J I am dreading the post-partum adjustments – especially if I have C-section I want to make sure my blood sugar is in a normal range as much as possible but I am concerned it will be difficult with little rhyme or reason with all the hormonal swings. I will just have to cross that bridge when I come to it, and keep my Dexcom on for a while.

In other news baby has a name now - it’s Audrey. Things feel even more real now that we are referring to her by her name instead of calling her “the baby”.

Anyway, I am more excited than nervous, by a long shot. Bring it on.

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