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Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Aka the one where she chickened out.

I decided to cancel the version. Although risks are low I would hate to have something overloooked and be sent home.. I will discuss if they will attempt it if/once I go into labor (before the scheduled section). In any case, she still might turn on her own and if she does not I am sure Beth Israel can do a good C-section. In any case, I would rather take on the risks instead of having her take any.. also, Yes I am a flip-flipper and I hate making these decisions!


  1. I heard one woman got her baby flipped to vertex position by jumping on a trampoline. Actually, he flipped from vertex to breech the first time mom went on the trampoline, then back to vertex the second time mom went on the trampoline. What I can't figure out is why mom went on the trampoline in the first place...!

    Have you tried the Rebozo technique? I think you can do it with any blanket or towel that's long enough. It's one I've never been able to get my husband to do for me. He thinks it's a precursor to "shaking the baby"! But I know my babies squirm around in there whenever I wiggle my hips like that - more so than with any other exercise I do. Either way, I think it's safe to say that not all babies can be persuaded to adopt the correct position for birth, even with copious amounts of strange exercises. I hope all goes well for you no matter how baby comes into the world! :)

    1. Thanks Beth! She is little and has a bit of room left still. I feel a lot of movement and do all the recommended exercises to encourage her to flip. In the end I guess birth can't really be planned and I will be happy as long as she is healthy. I am excited to see who goes first - I bet it will be you! :)

  2. I'll be thinking of you and hoping she flips! My guy flipped around the 32 week mark and I know you are further along but my guy was like 5+ pounds at the 32 week mark so I'm sure she still has the room to do it :-P!