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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The last 10 weeks...

In the last 10 weeks I:

1. Defended my Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology :)
2. Published 1 review article and pushed my primary paper towards final submission :)
3. Celebrated my 5-yr wedding anniversary :)
4. Moved (which also included putting up fencing for our 3 dogs) :)

I'm sad I didn't have time to write but life has been happening! (And diabetes is definitely on the back burner...) Not to say I'm rolling around in the 200s and 300s all day long, but the frequency and length spent above where I want to be seems to have grown as dramatically in the last several weeks as my life has been progressing.

Tomorrow I start my new job. My first real, non-student job. Where I will be expected to know like Ph.D.-level things and stuff (what?) I can honestly say that the thought of not being a student (for the first time in my life) and being "an expert" in something is triggering a little "impostor syndrome" - yes it's a real thing and apparently more common in women:

Soooo. Yeahh... Have I mentioned that I'm 26? That I'm thinking ahead about having babies in the next few years (not now!)? And as I fight through the silly thoughts of being an intellectual impostor I am also struggling with the discrepancies between my current diabetes management and my future (baby-producing) goals. But I know that I CAN DO IT IT CAN BE DONE. I think with slowly putting in more dedication and consistency over the next several years I can get to a point where I believe that I can do it. As I settle in (into "adult" life? wtf) over the next few months, I am hoping to make a genuine effort to improve my management (and by extension other aspects of my life). I know blogging (and more so reading all your blogs) has been extremely helpful to me over the last 1.5 years and I hope to find time for plenty of both in the upcoming future <3


(Dr.) Maria M