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Friday, May 16, 2014

T1D Hacktivism Brief (NOT medical advice):

1. Definitely, most-definitely pre-bolus for breakfast.

2. Definitely, most definitely, pre-bolus for white bread.

3. Try out the expired stuff, unless cloudy (insulin) or generally useless (e.g. Dexcom: Failed Sensor/???/etc.)

4. If you are a woman, you must immediately download the PeriodTracker App and figure out how to “compensate” for like idk the last 10 days of your cycle (case in point: days 21-30 I literally have to bolus like 20-30% more for breakfast and lunch).

5. Keep an old and trusty meter around (in case you ever don’t have insurance [ I don't have insurance ;( ], those test strips will cost waaay less). Mine is the Accuchek Active (and I can find strips on Amazon for like 15 bucks/50 strips [score])

6. Get a dog. Preferably a large one (or three). Like this:

They will DEMAND to be exercised as well as love you unconditionally, therefore improving your mood, along with your BGs :D)


  1. Wonderful tips, but I have one question. Will a cat work as well? No, I guess not, my cat isn't the least bit interested in long walks. ;)

  2. I love your list...I just need to convince my hubby that we need two more dogs :-P

  3. Yes! Our kitten follows us around outside during our walks in the forest :)

  4. Great tips! You could also try the Wal-Mart ReliOn Prime meter, the meter costs more than the cheap one they have but the strips cost less. I just decreased the # by 10 (YDMV) to get what I thought was a more accurate blood sugar number.

    1. I just noticed the prices of the relion strips! Amazing! :)