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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Just another one

so - first off, I am posting only 4 days after (successfully) finishing [written] comprehensive exams for my Ph.D. (in Cell and Molecular Biology doing Cancer research, waiting to transition to T1D research soon), and only "2 days!!!" since my last post. BUT... In case you haven't figured this out already - this blog is (kind of like) therapy for me... and can I just take the moment to(re)establish myself as #queenofparentheses and perhaps #queenofquotationmarks ??

"Another (random) list of 10":

1. I am sooo happy to have "passed" my written comps. (oral comps coming up) ... May I just say: the immune system is complicated!! 

2. I can't figure out if my recent high BGs [cgmnow: 336->, yelp) are a result of stress (due to several factors) or ovulation (seems early according to my "PeriodTracker" App) or whatever.  

3. I had some MillerLite with my lunch today and I don't feel bad about it (yay) [read: not alcoholic, all chores done, all exams away for now, time to celebrate {Spanish style}]!

4. Twitter #doc has made me stronger.

5. Sometimes I don't know if I can trust my #dexcom (it's been almost 48 hrs. with this sensor and I just don't know - every touch and it seems to freak out)...

6. There was a time when my A1C was 3 times more than it is today...

7. One of these days (1.5-2.5 yrs.) they're going to give me an f'ing Ph.D...

8. One of these days (x - 20 yrs.), we'll know EXACTLY what causes Type 1 Diabetes (IMO).

9. One of these days (y - 70 yrs), we'll have a "cure" (at least a preventative cure). (IMO)

10. Having T1D has made me stronger (emotionally), wiser (mentally), and healthier (physically).

PS. I see an arrow down on my #dexcom and I will get out of the 300s, the 200s, and basal 15-20% more tonight. One day at a time...

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