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Monday, April 1, 2013

HIGH - An April Fool's Monday

HIGH... In my seventh month of using Dexcom (at least 50% of the time), this is a definite (true positive) first:

Awesome (NOT!). Although I am a little in "Awe" about the whole thing...

I took my morning Levemir promptly upon waking up, and although I was in the 190s before breakfast, I definitely factored that into my correction (with Humalog).. Breakfast was 35g carbs + coffee. Two more units of insulin & 2 hrs. later and I was somewhere around 270 mg/dL - go figure. (Normally 1 U will bring me down ~70-80 points in the morning).. More corrections and a light (~35g carb) lunch, and a bolus which was increased by about 20%, and Dexcom is currently showing (wait for it): 324->. FML

Oh well, I must be about to get my period (or something). Diabetes - you make no sense sometimes (a lot of times?). Perhaps you are just aware that it's April Fool's Day, and this is all just a joke on me???

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