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Thursday, March 7, 2013

10 Reasons I Love my Endo

1. He used to be an OB/GYN, delivering babies, but found it "too boring" (lol).

2. He high-fived me at my last appointment in celebration of my improvement to an A1C of 7.1% (more importantly, he did not make me feel like total shit last time, when it was 7.8% - instead, he spent 45 minutes listening to me [unlike my ophthalmologist, but that's another story in itself.])

3. It takes 3 months to get an appointment - he must be good...

4. He does real Diabetes research!!! (read: he cares)

5. He seems so honestly empathetic (sometimes I wonder if he has Type 1 Diabetes).

6. He always returns my calls and files paperwork quickly.

7. He is soft-spoken, yet direct (I may sound like I have a crush on him now, but in fact I am astounded by how great he is as a physician and a human being).

8. He doesn't make me scared. (i.e. He reassures me that many complications statistics are from a time when  D was treated very differently).

9. He believes that his patients should make their own decisions.

10. He has 6 pregnant PWDs (currently) and he makes me so optimistic about that whole baby thing (which won't be happening for at least 2 more years ;))

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