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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Patience, grasshopper

Patience - I have none. Just ask my husband (I'm working on it).

I think the photo below kind of sums things up for the evening:

I know that if I had stopped at 4 glucose tabs like you're supposed to then first time I hit the line, this wouldn't be happening now. I find it hard to wait for the sugar to kick in for 15 minutes, and I find it hard to hold off an extra bolus when I'm at 300...

My husband suggested setting a time for 15 minutes, and not allowing a second treatment until it expires (provided the situation's not too critical of course). This seems impossible to me. If I see that I'm still dropping 5 minutes after, all bets are off. When am I going to become more brave again, I wonder?

I've been having a lot more lows trying to push things to an average of 120 (instead of 150-160), but it's really hard sometimes, and on nights like this I can't help but feel like I kind of suck at this Diabetes thing.

Oh well, try again tomorrow.

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