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Friday, September 11, 2015


I sort of have a confession to make. My biological Russian grandpa on my dad's side had diabetes. I don't know what type. All I know is that the family would talk about it sometimes. I also remember him - he was always incredibly skinny (passed away in his 80s, Heart disease if I'm not mistaken). The thing is when I ask my mom (what type) she doesn't really sound like she knows for sure (assumes type 2). I don't feel comfortable even asking my dad. We don't have a great relationship. So I don't know if there is a genetic cause to my D. I have never had any testing done.  I wonder sometimes if I might be more likely to pass it on to my future kids if it did "run in the family" but I know I can't really know because it's a probability that is based on too many variables at this point (in time/scientific progress). That is all (I think). Oh wait - my husband's grandpa (mom's side) died skiing because of low BG ; Him - I never knew, and B doesn't know what type (but I am assuming type 2).. No idea in reality though what type (and thus no idea re: genetic probabilities IF both our grandpas were type 1s.) THAT is all. I am not sad about it - just weirded out a little by the not knowing. Then again - if I knew - would it matter (statistically or realistically)? And moreover - if a child of mine did get type 1 - what then? In any case - as I like to say - it is what it is. And I am pretty sure that life in the future for a diabetic kid is going to be much better than today. And mine is pretty awesome :) Happy Friday

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