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Friday, May 8, 2015


Here's the update on the lower carb higher fat diet:

I feel good, my 7-day bg average dropped by 60 (mg/dL) points, I have had no lows, and my highest pp bg was 240 (this exact # made an appearance exactly 3 times this week, 1.5 hours after a meal, each time the meal was more than 35g of carbs.) I aimed for steady mid-100s for now and I would say that I did pretty well! I am terrible! at pre-bolusing (probably because I often don't need to, especially after exercise), but I definitely need to in the morning and at lunchtime at work when I'm just sitting at my desk.) Another important lesson I learned this week is that veggies aren't "free foods" (although it may seem that way when they make up a tiny amount of daily carb intake). But now I know that when I have a cup of veggies, I better take a half a unit of insulin and that will be perfect and will make all the difference between 180 and 120. This week, my goal is to continue with this eating plan and do my best to range between 100-160 (160 for pp values and 100 for fasting).

The best part isn't better control - the best part is the lack of anxiety about when did I bolus and am I high, and what am I doing, and how much insulin on board, and do I need to eat again, etc. Things are much more predictable, much more stable, and much more close to "normalcy". I realize very clearly now how horrible the feeling is when you have a ton of insulin on board and all you can do is worry (I'm prone to worry sometimes often?) and the roller coasters that can arise as a result that make you feel shitty and depressed really suck even more.

My Humalog use has been between 5-10 U daily, so basically I cut my carbs and my fast-acting insulin dose in half. My weight was recorded incorrectly last week. I actually started at 119ish and am now between 117-118. Alcohol intake was zero this week so that helped with stability of bg very well, especially with overnight control. (My Levemir dose is still set at 6 U twice a day and seems to be working pretty well.)

I don't feel deprived; probably because I ate well-balanced and also I wasn't so anally strict with myself that I didn't incorporate some foods that probably aren't awesome for bg but tasted delicious (like egg-rolls, freshly-fried morel mushrooms that we picked, and some bread as well). I ate out once this week and I got a large Greek salad with a small side of cole-slaw and also some cilantro tuna salad on top - it was delicious!

 I also tried a lot of new stuff like making oopsie bread, and having my first ever burger on lettuce instead of bread! I also enjoyed dark chocolate, full-fat (indulgent) chobani yogurt, nuts&spices kind+ bars (yum!) Here are some pictures of the kinds of foods I ate this week:


  1. Sounds like you are eating perfectly. I think maturity has hit..thinking babies and responsibility. ; ) heehee