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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#dblogweek : I can, we can

In some ways I think diabetes  kind of lit a fire under my ass. It has made me face my mortality far younger than most probably think about things like death or old age, but its not necessarily a bad thing because now I know that:

The time is now. Time to travel the world (no matter how poor), time to grow the cutest furrriest family, time to pursue my relationships as well as my career with all the passion I have to give every day. Time to make time for what's really important. Now.

No time for: negativity, laziness, sulking, or questioning.

I can because I have since my diagnosis - gotten married, lived in Europe and traveled to Central American numerous times, adopted three dogs we probably cant afford but love to death, gotten into grad school and got a Ph.D., became an auntie, amateur gardener, avid hiker, and a docophile (am I the first ever to use this word? ;) And I am super excited about what's next! Without diabetes it feels like it wouldn't be the full me anymore - its been about 7-8 years with D but there is no denying it's a huge part of who I am - and I can all the things with it as part of me...

I can, we can - thank you doc for all your support, for reading, for putting yourselves out there. We all have an important story to tell <3


  1. Great list! And I love the sentiment-yes the time is now! :)

  2. DOCOPHILE!!! wow. yes! my husband and I are pretty obsessed.
    now I have a word for us so thanks. ;)

    the time is now.

  3. You have a great attitude!! You are right, I need to remember more often that the time is NOW!