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Friday, January 10, 2014


I haven't posted in almost a month! Last time I was here I talked about my 1-yr blogaversary which corresponded nicely with an Endo appointment. That week I came down with a cold which kept my BGs even more out of sort that usual (read: High all the time), which was not very fun because presenting my Endo with a week of shitty numbers is not my idea of a good time. My A1C was "uncontrolled" (7.2) but in fact lower than I expected given the numbers I was seeing recently. My endo is awesome of course and was nothing but encouraging and helpful, although he made it clear that globally decreasing my BGs was the way to go. I think my I:C ratios are reasonable, but I did realize that my basals needed work, along with my psyche (specifically, I confessed to him that due to the fear of lows overnight, I go to bed higher than I should which in turn affects the next day)... Not sure how to fix that, except have a little faith confidence in my ability to maintain a relatively flat line of 80-120 mg/dL overnight. Easier said than done. However, armed with a donated Dexcom sensor (see last post), along with a refreshment read of particular sections of "How to Think Like a Pancreas", stringent monitoring of every bite I put in my mouth, logging, and no alcohol whatsoever (at least for now, while I figure things out with basals), I am incredibly determined to be the best I can possibly be at managing my condition and feeling better (physically and mentally) about my D. management. Last night, at a BG of 121 at 11 PM, I took a leap of faith confidence in Dexcom and went to bed without that sip or two of juice that I am for some reason so keen on having when my nighttime BG is below 150 (yes, you read that right, I feel compelled to go to bed higher, although during the day I'm incedibly comfortable with 90s these days :) Anyway, here is what happened:
And I think it is pretty awesome! And for the first time in I don't know how long waking up at 6:45 AM this morning (with a BG of 101) I managed to handle breakfast like a champ (you should see the typical 200+ peaks I ususally get...)

I can only hope that once this very last (in god knows how long) Dexcom sensor will hang on for dear life (day 12) and provide me with more and more pictures like this, so that I know when I rip off that sensor, I can do it again without it. And again. And again. 

Have I mentioned that I feel great?! I never realized how even consistent high 100s with some 200+s in between can make you feel like shit... My 7-day average on my meter is 154. I'm used to the 190s. 
I hope I can keep it up (down).

With love, -Maria

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