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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This Morning's Blood Glucose BullSh*t

When I woke up at 3 am and tested my BG, my meter said "176". I took 1/2 U of Novolog and went back to bed. Given that 1/2 U "should" lower me by 50 points (although it varies a bit depending on time of day, not even considering activity levels), I was not surprised to see the "131" at 6:30 am, in fact I was rather pleased. I dosed 4 U of Levemir and went on to take a shower, feed and take out the dogs, prepare lunches, etc...

Upon opening the refrigerator, I felt a strange chill. Not surprising - the fridge is a cold place. OK. I feel strange. Am I anxious? I can't be low, I just tested 30 mins ago and I was 130, I thought looking at the clock. There is NO WAY I'm low. Why do I feel like I'm having heart palpitations. And why am I sweating, I so much?? (A second ago I felt cold). Another minute and two fingers on my (carotid? :x) artery, and I was like - OK clearly your body is trying to tell you something. I tested and the "60" came back, glaring.

What came next was quite surprising (to me). I measured out the appropriate amount of juice, treated. 5 minutes passed and I was "64" (I DID NOT DRINK ANY MORE JUICE!), waited 10 mins and I was "92". OK. 30 minutes later I was about "140". I'm proud of myself for remaining calm and not ridiculously over-treating. It gives me confidence and hope that I can do that in the future more consistently.

Sadly, it seems that natural Glucagon reeaaally kicked in later, kind of spoiling everything, and raising me into the 200s without any food. (At least I assume that I'm in rebound mode now).

So it's been an interesting day so far. I'm really still confused about how I could've gone down 70 points in 30 minutes (from 130 to 60) without any Novolog or exercise. My best guess is that something was messed up with that first test, although I have no idea what it could've been... I'm certain nothing is wrong with the meter because the #s correlate to how I feel (although guilty of losing control solution). Also, ovulation is around here, so it could be that. I've never heard of any kind of Levemir mishaps in term of absorption - it has fatty acid chain on it, which binds to a protein called albumin, so as the albumin "falls off", it is slowly used in the bloodstream. I've heard with Lantus that you can get immediate absorption is the injection is not SC, because of the pH solubility, so with Lantus a butchered injection may cause a sudden drop but not with Levemir (please please correct me if I'm wrong)... The reason I'm even entertaining this is because I would expect such a drop if the Levemir did somehow act "all at once"...

(and yes, I'm certain I took 4 U Levemir and NOT Novolog lol)...


  1. I tried to post this from my phone but I don't think it went if it does, I'm sorry for being repetitive :)

    Hot showers can speed up the absorption of insulin and cause lows. I usually think Humalog/Novolog when it comes to this principle but apparently it can affect long-acting insulins, too. It just came to mind when you mentioned you took your Levemir right before hopping in the shower.

    1. Hey - thank you Shara for the info - I had no idea about that - I'll have to keep that in mind next time I'm high and take a bolus! :) So does that go for ultra-hot weather?

    2. Yes, people tend to have more lows in ultra-hot weather!

  2. Sometimes I find that those middle-of-night or first-thing-in-the-morning fingersticks aren't all that reliable. Speaking of the kind when I just roll halfway over in bed, enough to grab the meter from my nightstand. I guess since I've been immobile for hours (sleeping), the glucose in my blood hasn't really circulated evenly thoughout my whole body.

    I'm not suggesting you do 15 jumping jacks at 3am before testing, but I've tried to get out of the habit of testing first thing in the morning. Get up, shower, move around, and get the blood flowing, then the fingerstick should be more accurate.

    Just a suggestion...

    1. Thank you Scott! I've heard that but I'm terrible at considering those things (especially when I'm sleepy :)Maybe next time I'll crack my knuckles a few times and walk around :D