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Friday, July 12, 2013

In Progress...

Today is my 4-year wedding anniversary. I was 21 when I got married, following a 3-week engagement, and preceding a 10-month stay in Madrid, Spain. While I must say that at the time of our big announcement, a shock and awe reaction arose (amid perhaps some doubt about our young age and long-term intentions), to us it was more like "well, it's going to happen anyway, and what a way to honeymoon for almost a year" :) I'm happy to say that looking back, I would not change a thing <3

The picture below depicts us just after saying "I do", walking away to "All You Need is Love" (by The Beatles).

The title of this post,"In Progress" is because that is just the way things are - all of our lives in many if not every way. As I think about how my husband and I grow together, I can't help but also think about my Diabetes, and how we grow together as well. It's not always unicorns and rainbows, but in the end, a combination of compassion, dedication, and hard work, and most importantly, LOVE will get you where you need to be (meaning you're kind of there already) - that is while ever-changing, and always being "In Progress". 

P.S. I Love You