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Monday, October 17, 2016

34 weeks

Well I have made it to 34 weeks and things are going pretty well I think. The problem I am having still is that the baby is breech. I am doing all the exercises that may or may not help her flip head down short of standing on my head and scrubbing all my floors on all fours (next weekend, maybe). I also haven’t tried the icepack to her head advice, but I am thinking I might as well. (Aside: my dogs get pretty excited when I am doing my inversions with my elbows on the floor and my butt high up on the couch, or laying on the floor with my pelvis elevated. At least *they are amused)… If she doesn’t flip I will be offered a version at around 37 weeks, which is a decision I am dreading making because with an anterior placenta and being a first time mom the odds of success are lower and the risks (although unlikely) freak me out. I haven’t decided if a guaranteed scheduled c-section freaks me out more than attempting a version first in an effort to attempt vaginal delivery.

My doctor’s appointment last Friday went much better than the last one – I was more agreeable to ceding control of my diabetes management (whatever, if they mess it up it’s one them!)  and he seemed pleased that I was going along with hospital policy and also with the twice a week biophysical profiles (BPPs) starting this week. I hope they don’t take long – so far they haven’t – she is always very active, practice breathing, and my amniotic fluid is and always has been “average”, which is great. I also had my first growth scan in over a month last week, and was very pleased that babe was still consistently in the 30th percentile. I only get one more growth scan in 4 weeks and that’s it for that!

I am keeping an eye on my blood pressure at home and was pleased to find it at 110/65 this morning. I also have zero swelling. So far so good. My blood sugar management continues on its own curve of running averages in the very low 100s with a tight standard deviation (of less than 20 mg/dl), translating to a normal A1C in the low 5s. My morning I:C ratio is now up to 1:2 with other meals at 1:2.5, and I am up to 26 units of Levemir daily. Crazy! I am doing what needs to be done and also fearfully dreading the postpartum insulin adjustments to come. With lows under 60 mg/dl reported as less than 1% (according to Dexcom) I really can’t complain.

My baby shower/ B’s 30th birthday went great – we got so much stuff and it’s really starting to feel real. My living room was temporarily transformed into a fortress of cardboard boxes (again, more amusement for the canines).  I promise I will post some pictures soon. Gotta run, meeting calls …

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  1. GOOD LUCK! hope it all goes really smoothly. You've been a model diabetic pregnant woman this whole time!