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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Update :)

It has been forever since I blogged, so look at me - two in one day! ;)

I just wanted to acknowledge that my 3-year blogaversary was 12/12/15, and I missed it again this year! I have been busy in the best possible ways, visiting family, which included our nephew's first birthday party (which was the cutest), and (of course) working! I cannot express in words (although I will try) how much peace writing about life with diabetes has brought me over the last 3 years. It has brought me acceptance, and put me into a position to take the best care of myself possible, diligently, and with peace of mind. A lot of the changes in my attitude and concrete habits of D management over the last three years came about as a result of writing (you can probably tell this is kind of my journal). Also, however, my mind and heart have been changed by reading everyone else's blogs - be it dx stories, pregnancy adventures, travel blogs, or diabetes burnout - we all share this unique bond that noone else can understand - I love you all!

I want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season and the best of wishes in 2016!



  1. Happy New Year, Maria! And Happy Blogaversary, three years is an accomplishment!! You are so right, it's therapeutic. hugs, girl! : )

  2. Gosh, you need to blog again!! Thanks for checking in with us. Sending love back to you sweetie!