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Friday, March 6, 2015

10 things I (don't) hate about D

In an effort to reassess and gain perspective: It might be hard to come up with 10 but here goes - the 10 things I don't hate about (dealing with/life with/ current events with) Type 1 Diabetes.

1. I have an awesome blood glucose meter that I can use with the tiniest ever drop of blood to gather important information about the current status of my (imbalanced) body (sidenote: I cringe when I read about the old-school days of urinalysis and the very old bg meters).

2. My current insurance plan covers an UNLIMITED number of test strips per time period. I pay $125 for a 3 month supply (my last script was written for 1300 strips!) I know that I am very lucky to say this (from both personal and others' experiences).

3. I just had all my labs and eye exam done and I appear to be generally healthy (the Diabetes itself notwithstanding).

4. On some days, I have a really good handle on my management and I feel extra happiness because of my ability to maintain a steady "normal". Basically I'm talking about the days where I don't spike past 180 and have no lows and generally feel great all day/night long. There may not be many, but the happiness they bring to me makes me want to work harder towards more and more of them.

5. My A1C (although I am unhappy with it) could be much, much, much worse.

6. I have never let having diabetes stop me from doing anything. (such as living abroad, hiking alone, etc).

7. I always have snacks in case anyone needs any... (self-explanatory)

8. Although I am a bit of a (self-proclaimed) "hardass", dealing with diabetes has instilled in me a lot of compassion (towards myself and others).

9. Patience. I don't have any (still). But it looks like I will have to learn some (in order to not over-treat lows or rage-bolus as much, etc).

10. I am resilient. According to my therapist - that's just the way I am. But I know that having diabetes has a hell of a lot to do with that.

Hang tight, spring IS coming <3 -MM


  1. Wow. You have inspired me. I honestly don't think I could come up with 19 things I don't hate about diabetes but for all my negativity, this might be a good exercise for me.
    You really are awesome!

  2. This seems like a good exercise for anyone to try. It would be a stretch for me today. Thanks for this.