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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What he thinks about my T1D...

I've often wondered, "what does my husband feel/think about my T1 diabetes?"

Here's the thing: When I was dx'd and started treating , I said to him (my husband/then boyfriend....and to myself), "Don't [you dare] treat me any different. I just need to inject insulin now to cover the food I eat..." Period...

And that's exactly what he did. Nothing different. More recently (~1 year ago), it all started to spill out of me: how hard diabetes and insulin management really is, how much of a mess I am when I'm low/high, etc. And the whole Glucagon conversation. And then there was Dexcom. All of the sudden (although it was "no big deal") I elected to stick myself with a needle/plastic device, one that would stay attached to my arm/stomach for a week (or longer).

And he reacted accordingly. Accordingly to how someone would act when they LOVE someone. He listened to me. He asked a few questions.

The other night Dexcom woke me up (mildly low according to Dex, low-normal according to meter), I had 3 sips of juice [~3-3:30 AM]. As I got back into bed, he (heavy-ass sleeper, of which I'm jealous) was awake. He spooned/squeezed me, and said "Are you OK?" "I'm OK" I replied.  And then I knew. Knew once again that the boy I married was "the one". Amazing man that he is. As amazing as when I'm low during daytime, and I'm crying and over-treating, and he says "Hey, wait. Wait for the juice to kick in. 15-15 rule, remember?"

Also, here's this: I always was afraid (being a bit insecure) that the Dexcom (or another medical device) would somehow ruin my (wonderful) sex appeal. Boy, was I wrong. The Dexcom experience has made me feel ever-so-confident to get an insulin pump.

I love you BM.

Truly Yours,



  1. Oh my goodness, how sweet!! He IS the right one. : ) So happy for you..I think about my daughter and her future ALL the time. Seriously. She has so many scars from her pump sites..and she cares. I pray she seeks a Godly man that doesn't care. Hugs to you!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! I love your blog :)

  2. Sounds like he is a keeper. I got one myself. It's amazing how much they actually do try to understand at times and such a relief.