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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

This week in diabetes and graduate school:

1. Stubbornly High BGs this week due to 1. stress; 2. high progesterone. By stubbornly high, I mean consistent! 200s while taking unit after unit (every hour) of Novolog.

2. To elaborate on the stress part, I have post-doctoral grants to apply for. They are due this Fall and will pretty much may largely determine whether I continue as a graduate student making a measly 22K per year for 1 final year OR if I can actually get that (oh-so-elusive) Ph.D. and make 50K + (ish?) next year - I'll take whatever I can get though, regardless... Stress, emotions, me being me, lead to high BGs.

2. (A) On top of that I had to take a pregnancy test last week. (It was negative). But I was stressed for a bit there on top of all the grants. [because I am not ready for a child at this moment]. All's well that ends well and I am waiting for insulin resistance to pass and feel better about BGs at least for the next couple of weeks. Next month, I think I will try to change basal rates - I don't pump, so I guess that would be basal doses - during different weeks of the month. Got to love being a woman. Well, I do, but Diabetes doesn't always hardly ever play nice with hormones (in general, like seriously).

2. (B) School starts again soon (like I don't want to think about how soon). Although I don't have to take classes, I do have to teach, on top of doing my research and aforementioned grants... Stress aside, need to incorporate exercise and relaxation, Diabetes, I am coming for you! I'll do the best I can with what I've got.

* On a very bright note, I will be joining the TuDiabetes community soon! I can't even tell you how often I am on those forums, reading it up! Also, I am excited for the emotional support I always gain what I  meet others living with T1D (online or IRL). I hope to drop by DSMA tonight.

With Love, MM

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