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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

T1D: Reaching Out

How about a short-and-sweet post to contrast with that first super-lengthy one?

For several years after starting treatment, I was soooo determined to not let Diabetes rule my life (at all). To this day, I seldom tell strangers or new friends about my diagnosis - usually it comes as a shock after months of knowing me. The reason was - for a long time - the ignorance most people have towards this disease, and the constant explanations of: "no, I know I am only twenty, and I know I am not fat, but yes, I am diabetic - it's type I, actually" (proceed to explain the difference in depth, listen to pity comments, get a little pissed off sometimes...)

Instead I chose to let people in on this fun fact of my life after they have already formed their opinion of me.... Lately, however, and especially after discovering as well as numerous other blogs by PWDs, I have been talking about it non-stop to a bunch of people. I must have told more friends/coworkers/acquaintances about it in the last 2 months than I have in the last 6 years. And I am proud of it...

In person, I have only met 3 T1Ds! Online, this community has given me such hope/support, and I hope to meet many more of you - online and in person! So please feel free to email me and connect =)

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