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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

35 weeks...

I don’t know if I will be able to write every week but I figured I would give another brief update while I can (and post some pics). I am just past 35 weeks. The baby is still breech. Other than that things are well I think. I am going in for BPPs every Tuesday and Friday. I have also decided that if she does not turn in the next few weeks I will opt for the ECV if still on the table (e.g. if fluid levels remain high enough, etc.) I plan to push the procedure as late as they will allow in order to give her the best chance to turn on her own and avoid early delivery as much as possible in case something goes wrong. If she stays breech regardless, I will plan for a c-section right around her due date probably. I keep reading stories of babies turning at the last moment so I really want to give her all the chances in the world and definitely don’t want to rush into assuming she will stay breech and delivering early in case she does end up turning. It would be really nice if she would just turn and then I could just go into labor on my own, etc. I keep reminding myself that if a breech baby is the only problem I am having, that’s ok, and the most important thing is that she is healthy. My diabetes is so far out of the picture at the moment…

So here are some pics, as promised: In no particular order, there is baby stuff, curious dog, recent Dexcom report, and me (taken 6 months apart). Have I mentioned I gained like 30 lbs??? I am getting there.


  1. So happy things are going well, breech baby aside! As a fellow type 1 diabetic and 23 weeks pregnant, I've been lurking and reading your blog for a while, and finding it so useful. Thank you for sharing.

    I'm especially impressed by your low A1C — mine is 5.8, which isn't *bad*, but I'd like it lower, and it feels like I'm increasingly fighting highs. If you ever feel like posting a 'day in the life' of what you eat and how you prevent post-meal highs, I'd be interested in reading!

    Good luck for the coming weeks!

    1. Thank you for the comment! And congrats :) :) I am glad someone is reading.. I think I have a post about the kind of foods I eat back from May (#dblogweek) but for sure the types of meals and total number of carbs has fluctuated during the course of the pregnancy.. I will try to write up a more detailed synopsis :) I think the main thing for me has been wearing the Dexcom all the time while pregnant, not eating when high, pre-bolusing for meals, adjusting basal to flat-line overnight in double digits, and hardly ever exceeding more that 20g carbs in a meal (maybe 30g earlier in pregnancy - helps with accuracy of the carb count to keep it lower). And when I get frustrated with highs or lows and know changes need to be made I always start writing everything down - really helps see the whole picture and make thorough adjustments.. I am thinking at 23 weeks along is about when my insulin increases really kicked up and it seemed drastic at that time, so I am guessing that is where you are at! Good luck!!

    2. Thank you, that's so very useful! I'm doing some of those things, but not as consistently as I could, and there are a couple of new tips there I can use.

      Thanks again, hope this last bit of your pregnancy goes smoothly, looking forward to reading about your new baby!