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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Accountability in T1D Management

Honestly, when I write down what I eat and how much insulin I take and when, and what my blood glucose is at all times, it's a lot easier to be happy with myself regardless of the actual numbers (I think they call that logging, but I like to call it being accountable). If I'm having highs, I correct, make note of it, and also list some possible explanations. I feel more confident making small changes to my treatment plan when I see all the data in front of me on paper, in fact I become more comfortable with a lower BG range. I am my own little science experiment. When I'm having a bad time, careful logging tends to bring me out of it, as I tend to be extremely more honest with myself on paper about the carbs I eat (as opposed to handfuls of blueberries unaccounted for, guilty ;). I hate being high, I am sick of it. Not that I'm always high. But a lot of the time I'm higher than I should be. And while I can avoid looking at my meter averages or tell myself that I don't have to correct the 180 because I "might" exercise later, it all becomes so much more difficult to ignore when you have all these numbers in front of you six or seven times a day... Accountability... Furthermore, the logs provide invaluable information over the course of long-term events, like finding out I ALWAYS seem to need extra insulin on Monday mornings, that Tuesday and Sunday mornings are the most carb-friendly, that my insulin resistance increases after ovulation (due to progesterone increase I think)... It's time to break out the log again I think.

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  1. I have to log this week too (although i totally messed it up yesterday). A necessary pain-in-the-a$$ but I need some daytime, basal tweaking. Good luck!