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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What's up (DOC) - a hormonal discussion

Well, after the last post of doom, I have been rather proactive and managed to drop my 7-day average from 199 to 172 (in 4? days). :)

As part of this being proactive I finally ordered Novolog cartridges from the RX (one I had for about 4 months on file) to be used with the Novo Jr. pen (which has been in my closet for just as long), which actually dispenses half-units. Done are the days of "waiting it out another 30 minutes to see if the IOB is enough or if I need another whole unit", or "drawing out insulin with a syringe to guesstimate what may be anywhere between 0.2-0.7 U with some complimentary air" (not sure which one was worse)...

So far I actually like the Novolog (I was on Humalog before)- it seems  to have less of a tail and really hits you hard at +1 hour, which is great for me because I really struggle with pre-bolusing by 10-15 minutes and often have high pp #s.

Of course, just as I thought I was getting my BG shit together, my hormones decided to flip a shit (just a couple of days before I get my period), leading to ridiculous insulin resistance, and thus fucking up my nice average (BGNOW - 357!). I'm pretty sure I go from 1:15-20 to like 1:8 for the 2 days before I get my period, and then as soon as it starts, it's like BAM: LOW LOW LOW (try 1:25 for 12 hours, and then back to normalcy?)! I apologize if this is TMI, but I wonder how other women handle this? For me, Dexcom has helped me notice this consistently, and I think I'm just going to low carb and slightly increase insulin until the resistance passes. Also, I'm pretty sure that for me, something screwy (BG-wise) occurs during ovulation, but it's not as obvious as this... I wonder how men with diabetes are affected by their hormones (probably less predictably?)

Now I'm finally seeing a decline in my CGM and completely refuse to beat myself up for this horrible HIGH (maybe if I state it it will become more true) lol


  1. Don't beat yourself up :) I'm having a shitty diabetes day, too.
    You should really consider a pump. You're putting in a ton of work with MDI and the pump would actually makes this easier for you, ie, increased basal rates during periods. It's a beautiful thing.
    I was completely and whole-heartedly against the pump for vanity reasons, but I did a trial run with two different kinds and found out it wasn't so horrible.

  2. Thanks Shara! I was also deathly against pumping for vanity reasons, but i think im coming around to trying it out . Im waiting to switch health insurances next year (26) but ill have to seeif my doc will let me try one for free :)